Top 10 Reasons Not to Have a Car in Oxford

Well, as many of you might know, I do not currently have a car at my disposal in Oxford.  So thus far, here are the top 10 reasons not to have a car in Oxford (in no particular order)

  1. Every day is “Bike to Work Day”!
  2. Because everyone should experience grocery shopping on foot at least once.  Walking over a mile to Kroger, buying only what can fit in a backpack, and then walking back is so much fun!  And no, this backpack is not to steal things/hide illicit items; I’m totally just going to class…at 7 PM.
  3. More time to think about nothing in particular- the best routes to take to class, admiring the Miami scenery, trying to avoid the day drinkers drunkenly hitting footballs at you with golf clubs…
  4. I can more fully appreciate everything within walking distance of campus- it’s not like I would want to go anywhere besides Oxford!
  5. Additional exercise- this one is actually serious, since my physical activity level is slim to none at this point.  If I had a pedometer though (what is the point of those things anyway?) it would be blowin’ up all day err day.
  6. Not having to pay for gas.  Screw $3.79 per gallon; I’m fueled by ATP!
  7. Not getting stuck in traffic.  I’m trying to imagine “traffic updates” for the city of Oxford, like you hear on the radio for major cities.  Kind of drawing a blank.  “There’s a horde of drunken sorority girls blocking traffic on High Street”?  “Use caution when approaching major roads out of Oxford: everyone is leaving”?  Or the classic, “Slow-moving tractors blocking a major roadway; expect delays”
  8. Planning ahead every time I leave the house- because everyone loves leaving for work 30 minutes early.
  9. Becoming very familiar with the Google Maps walking directions tool.
  10. No parking tickets.  And after just yesterday seeing a cop writing a ticket on Tallawanda and then a booted car next to King Library, I am kind of glad for that!

Originally, that was supposed to be persuasive/sarcastic so that I could guilt trip my way into getting a car here somehow, but I feel like it actually ended up positive (?).  Maybe being a perpetual pedestrian/cyclist/runner is not so bad for now.  Hey, if anything, I am experiencing the small town life to its fullest.  Living like people used to live, before the age of everyone owning a car and Miami ticketing everything that moves.

Maybe I should look into some car alternatives:

Because I have some sense of self-respect. If It’s good enough for the OPD, it’s good enough for me.

Because it is Oxford, after all.

It’s faster than my bike? See, even this dog is living “Life in the Fast Lane”

Or I could just multi-task and try running everywhere.  If it worked for the Kenyans, it could work for me?