The Running Begins

You know that feeling, at the beginning of coming back from a couple weeks off, when you feel like you’re dying for every single run?  Well, that feeling is finally gone.  The first week was kind of rough, and 3 miles felt like death, but after that stressful week ended, I finally felt like a runner again!  It’s funny how stressful things going on can affect your running so much.  WIth like 4 projects due on the same day in my summer class, and then a big project due the next day, I was feeling subconsciously stressed out.  The day that the big project was over (don’t ask how it went), Melissa, Anna, and I went on a celebratory house run, and it was like a turning point.  I finally started to feel good as we ran through random cornfields, excitedly talking about running, summer, and that night’s plans.  It was only Thursday, but for us, it was the start of a great weekend.

Somehow, we didn’t take any pictures of our weekend, but as is my regular fashion, here are a couple quotes from various people that describe the night.  Sooo much housemate bonding.

“Quick, make it look like we’re having a party!”

“I wonder who drew the cats everywhere…”

“OMG you go to Harvard…wanna date?”

“Come out with us! It doesn’t matter that you’re in sweats; come out with us!”

“Anna, go slap some makeup on and go meet those boys!”

“You do know we inherited that, right?”

“We have mono!”

“Wait, why are you in Oxford? I’m confused.”

“Can we get pizza?  We need to order pizza.  Promise we’re going to order pizza.”

“Can I have your credit card?”

“Is your house as jank as ours?”

“Why are you singing show tunes?”

“Where’s my phone?”

“Why did I download a compass and a ‘brightest flashlight’ app last night?”

And so many more.

Saturday, I began running for real, with the onset of my adventure running in Oxford.  I said so long to the days of 3 mile, 20 minute runs, and started using my running time to explore.  I will say that the trails are looking great this time of year, now that they trimmed the grass by the horse stables, and that the new cross country course is going to be pretty sweet.  Apparently Peffer Park has a high ropes course hidden up behind that hill that we run all the time during cross country, and running the course we ran for the time trial still brings back memories of coach yelling out her car window as we struggled up the Campus Ave hill.  All of these cross country memories are just making me really excited for the upcoming season, and making me realize that I am missing my teammates like crazy!

Pictures are coming soon, I promise.  🙂  But for now, I’m just working on my sports bra and shorts tans.  Cute, right?