Recap of the first 2 weeks: What I’ve learned

So before I say anything else, the title of this post is courtesy of the one and only Mattie.  If your blog happens, sorry I stole the title for this post 😉

Anyway, in my first 2 weeks of living in a house, on my own, with this thing called “personal responsibility,” here’s what I have learned:

  • My housemates are pretty great.
  • Working is tiring (especially with mono, but don’t you thing that anyone would be tired after having to lift heavy items and set tables for hours?)
  • Meat is expensive…should I consider becoming a vegetarian for the sole reason of saving money??
  • Sunscreen is also expensive– who would have thought it would be almost $10 per bottle??
  • One more- when did coffee get so expensive?  …This could be a problem.
  • You kind of have to buy food every week to avoid eating cereal for dinner on a daily basis.
  • Peanut butter = survival
  • Parties are messy .
  • If there is something sticky on the kitchen floor, don’t ask questions.
  • The water in Oxford makes clean dishes look disgusting (and mandates polishing every piece of silverware used at the Shriver center)
  • How to turn on the AC in the house.
  • How to clean a bathroom.
  • How to cook chicken.

Slowly but surely getting the hang of this whole deal.  And Mattie, I hope you are learning lots (just like we are).