Friends and Pie

This past weekend, Melissa and I ventured out on our first ever road trip!  We took her car, now christened “Jane,” (as in Plain Jane, or Jane from Tarzan) and headed down to the great state of Kentucky to visit our dear friend from Lexington, KY.  All was going swell….until we hit traffic.  Of course, driving through Cincinnati at rush hour is a great idea!  We probably went through every genre of music in her car while sitting still and trying not to hit the cars in front of us during the stop and go traffic.

As soon as we passed the Cincinnati traffic, we were not home free yet.  We started to see these creepy clouds surrounding us, like so:


I thought they looked like an avalanche, and it was all fine and dandy until the darn things started spinning.  Seriously, I thought we were going to die.  Then it got real dark, like so:


Then, the rain came.  Not in dainty showers or cute little sprinkles, but in torrents.  As in, people were pulling over to the side of the road to wait out the storm.  We decided it was best just to head over to the right lane and put on our hazard lights while going like 30 miles per hour.  All of our obstacles resulted in a 4 hour trip that was supposed to take 2 or so.  However, we finally did make it to Lexington and were reunited with our friends Amanda and Caitlin!

It was a fabulous weekend, punctuated with shopping, wonderful food, a 13 mile run through Lexington, and an outdoor play at the Arboretum, and finished with a refreshing church service and delicious brunch.  Amanda was a fantastic tour guide, and we truly experienced all that Lexington had to offer.  It felt so nice to get out of Oxford for a little bit and be around our teammates.  However, when we got back to Oxford, we did get that feeling of “It’s nice to be home.”  Funny how a college town can feel so homey.

Oh, and I forgot to mention our delicious pie that we got at a truly Southern place before heading to the play:



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