The Bucket List

Now that Anna has emigrated from Oxford back to home for the summer, Melissa and I are truly on our own.  A while back, we created a “summer bucket list” of activities to do in Oxford for when we get bored (which is often).  Some are more realistic than others, some involve running, some involve cooking/shopping, some involve fun and/or ridiculous things.  So far, our accolades include running to Indiana, although not seeing the “Welcome to Indiana” sign, even though we had run over a half a mile into Indiana.  Apparently those signs are only on major roads… Well it was a good run nonetheless, ending up being an 11 miler that we found out was run at an average of 7:15 pace, thanks to my Garmin.  And we passed some new friends, including some cows, some horses that wouldn’t stop staring us down as we ran by, and a little girl who “liked our shorts and our shoes, and would like our shirts…if we were wearing any.”  Other list items we have checked off are eating at Oxford restaurants, such as Quarter Barrel, and Melissa sympathizing with the waiter and leaving him a nice note with his generous tip.

There are 21 items on the bucket list, and 3 and 2/3 are accomplished so far.  Hopefully it will keep us entertained in these next few months, between working, running 50+ miles per week, volunteering (Melissa) and napping (me).

Here’s to staying cool in the midst of this heat flash, and to running inside- I’m a wimp!


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