Run, Work, Repeat.

As all things tend to go, as soon as I start complaining about just how bored I am, life gets busy.

This weekend was Alumni Weekend here at Miami, which means that catering has about 8 events going on every day this weekend.  Which means that I worked pretty much nonstop all weekend, carrying trays, serving beverages, and making toasted rolls until I wanted to keel over.  Add a decent week of mileage into the mix, and I pretty much could use a massage right now.  Or a chiropractor.

Before the work blitz hit, I was finding other ways to make myself busy, such as figuring out my career path.  After taking a good deal of classes in the dietetics major, I am finding myself questioning whether that’s the best thing to major in based on where I want to go.  Ask any of my roommates, I tend to get a little crazy when I try to think about the future.  It just freaks me out, having to make major life decisions like this, but not knowing for sure if I am doing the right thing.  There are just so many options, some of which I am not even aware of, and I don’t want to settle for one thing if there is something better out there.  I guess choosing a job is a lot like choosing a husband, huh?

Now that I am finally done working, I can focus on the issue of the day: the fact that I have no milk, eggs, or bread.  Grocery shopping by bike adds a whole new element to the meal planning process.  And yes, I do meal plan.  Do you know how hard it is to buy random stuff at Kroger, come home and try to make something, only to realize you are missing like 3 key ingredients?  This, my friend, is where good planning comes into play.  I have been kind of getting by without really looking up recipes, but once I have eaten the same things like six times in the same month, I decided I needed some fresh new ideas.  Some of my favorite places to get recipes nowadays have been various websites, one of my favorites being Pinterest.  I know, Caitlin, I said I didn’t like Pinterest, but that was before I discovered that there are whole boards devoted to delicious recipes (many of which are sweets…yum).  I like that the Pinterest recipes are fresh, new takes on food, often including the latest “superfood” like kale, chia seeds, flax seed, or fun new nut butters like Sunbutter.  When they include these ingredients, I can be sure that I am getting lots of “bang for my buck” and that my seemingly insatiable runner’s appetite can be filled.  I have also enjoyed browsing the sites of food bloggers, because of the same reasons I like Pinterest, but also because they include tons of drool-inducing pictures as well as good descriptions of the food, with helpful hints.

The tricky part about planning meals though is cooking for one.  It is hard to look up a recipe, cut it down enough so that I don’t have meals for an army, and then buy ingredients in a small enough size so that I don’t have a pound of uneaten scallions or something that will just spoil before I can use them again.  I try to buy things that can be used in multiple recipes, like brown rice.  I can cook a bunch of it one day, and then use it as a side or part of my main dish all week, and since it’s already cooked, it saves me tons of time.

I do wish that someone would plan out a week of meals for one on a website somewhere with a shopping list so that waste is minimized, leftovers can be reused, and I don’t get bored with the same 5 foods over and over again.  Possible project?  We shall see…


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