Two things that have been missing from this blog for a while: photos and food.

We are definitely fixing that with this post!!

A few weeks ago (I really am not sure on that; the time is just flying by!) I decided to make some tofu using this tofu that I had in the fridge, and made it a meal using other things that I had on hand.  This is what I came up with:

Tofu baked with salt, pepper, and honey, served with some sauteed spinach with parmesan cheese and garlic salt and an English muffin. And served alongside some OJ so that the iron from the spinach can be absorbed easily!

Just a few days ago, I went wild and made a big pot of chili as discussed in the previous post:

Chili and Cornbread, of the infamous cornbread incident. Although I will say, it was delicious. Until I blew it up the next day.

Tuesday night, we had a girls’ night and baked some homemade veggie pizza!  It involved a lot of dancing around the kitchen, slicing veggies, and John Mayer.

Stacked up veggies!

Yay spinach!

Our pizza before it went into the oven

Enjoying the pizza- whole grain pre-made crust, tomato sauce, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, spinach (of course) feta cheese, parmesan cheese. Baked to perfection.

After the pizza, a Tuesday night dance party was in order.  And yes, our kitchen is pink, because we’re girls.

In the midst of one of our singing/dancing parties in our kitchen. A regular occurrence in the household…

Today, our summer class ended!  Whoop whoop we made it through 4 weeks of Dietetics!  We are also now ServSafe certified, as we passed our ServSafe manager exams before class today.  And surprise, surprise, instead of a final exam, we had a final cake decorating session!  Our teacher got us all cakes from the school bakery, and we got briefed on cake decorating skills and went to work.  Melissa created a Karaoke-inspired cake, complete with a microphone and fiesta sprinkles.  Hashtag 403.  I went for the blog theme and did a We Heart Oxford cake.  After sampling our cake, we determined it was a LOT of frosting.  Definitely sugar-high-inducing.  Quote of the day:

“Take some cake and put it your mouth with some frosting: It’s like making a cake in your mouth!”


Melissa and her creation. As you can see, rocking the ever so stylish Dietetics lab coat and hair protection.

In honor of the blog 🙂

Me and my cake creation

All of the other cakes in our 203 class

Guess whose is whose?

Doing the dishes…

The result of too much sugar and it being the last day of class…

Oh haiii Melissa!

And Anna never ceases to amaze us with her sometimes-bizarre snacks.  Take for example her rhubarb!  She came to the table one day with a giant stalk of rhubarb and was taking bites of it dipped in sugar- yum?

Anna and her gigantic stick of rhubarb!

Stay tuned for more summer adventures- now that we are done with summer classes and we have our training schedule, we’ve got lots of running to do but a LOT of time on our hands. 🙂


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